Mr. Galin Grigorov, in his capacity as Regional Governor of Rousse District, stated his support to projects „Bulgarian Logistics Corridor (Asia-Port Varna-Central Europe) – EU Gateway“ of NPA “Black Sea Economic Zone Cluster“ 

About: Support Letter for project „Bulgarian Logistics Corridor (Asia-Port Varna-Central Europe) – EU Gateway“

Dear Dr. Eng. Doychin Nikov,

In the course of our correspondence, I hereby use the opportunity to assure you, in my letter to the Ministry of Finance, written support for a project „Bulgarian Logistics Corridor (Asia-Port Varna-Central Europe) – EU Gateway“ on Non-profit association “Black Sea Economic Zone Cluster” (NGO “BSEZC”) and “Future for Varna” NGO.

The potential redirection of large-scale international trade flows from Asia and the Middle East through Bulgaria to Central and Eastern Europe will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the economic parameters for the development of the districts of Varna, Dobrich, Shumen, Razgrad and Rousse. Revitalizing the region will multiply the benefits for the country as a whole.

Planned “hard” activities such as building an appropriate modern infrastructure, ports, re-export centers and rehabilitation of railway links directly correspond to key priorities as a well-connected region, higher international trade capacity, implementation of innovative infrastructure and technological improvements. In addition to this, significant benefits will also be observed in the field of employment, foreign investment, cross-border and transnational cooperation and in the development of the potential of the Danube and Black Sea basin. Last but not least, promoting Bulgaria as a convenient, fast and advantageous destination for international goods logistics.

In conclusion, I believe it is necessary to unite the related areas and stakeholders in order to improve the welfare and development of the inhabitants of the North Central Region of Bulgaria.

In view of the foregoing, I confirm my support for the implementation of the project “Bulgarian Logistic Corridor (Asia-Port Varna-Central Europe)-EU Gateway”.


Galin Grigorov, District governor of Ruse District

(requested support № 04-00-61/29.11.2018 G. To the NGO “BSEZC” and letter response № 04-00-61/15.11.2018, to MF from Regional Administration of Ruse in support of the project “Bulgarian Logistic Corridor (Asia-Port Varna-Central Europe)-EU Gateway” of association with Non-profit “Black Sea Economic Zone Cluster” (NGO “BSEZC”))


Working visit to NPA “BSEZC” at the international fair The Hotel Show Dubai 2018 in Dubai MUNICIPALITY OF RUSE supported the project „Bulgarian Logistics Corridor (Asia-Port Varna-Central Europe) – EU Gateway” of NPA “Black Sea Economic Zone Cluster“

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