The project “Bulgarian Logistics Corridor (Asia-Port Varna-Central Europe)” – EU Gateway of the Black Sea Economic Zone Cluster (BSEZC) is set for implementation until 2027 in the Integrated Territorial Strategy for Development of the Northeast Region (NER) of Bulgaria


“This is a very big victory for the team of the Black Sea Economic Zone Cluster (BSEZC) or a public benefit association, a significant public assessment of one of our many years of expert work, put in public benefit on this strategically important project for all Northeast Bulgaria, Varna district, Varna city and for the Port of Varna!

Such state miracles rarely happen in Bulgaria, for me personally this is a far-sighted decision and a positive step forward. Deserved result of our many years of struggle, great perseverance, persistent and consistent persuasion of many municipalities and districts for years, and as a result received large-scale support from 7 municipalities and 5 districts for economic development of Northeastern Bulgaria from a new path! ” Dr. Eng. Doychin Nikov, Chairman of BSEZC,”


Stroitel newspaper: Spatial development of the regions until 2027 in 18 priorities (part II)

On April 29, 2020, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria adopted the update of the basic document for regional and spatial development.

There are two active industrial zones in the Northeast region. National Company Industrial Zones EAD manages Varna West Industrial Zone EAD with an area of 399,000 square meters near the port of Varna West and the airport. “Shumen Industrial Park” is on a plot of land with an area of 2400 decares. There is gradual development provided.

A serious project is EU Gateway – “New logistics corridor of Bulgaria: Asia – Varna – Shumen – Razgrad – Ruse – Central and Eastern Europe“. Officially declared support for it is available from all regional administrations, the municipalities of Varna, Ruse, Shumen, Dobrich, Devnya , Aksakovo and Beloslav and from the Port of Varna. He has a wide investment program, including expansion and inclusion in the corridor of existing industrial zones. The initiator is the non-profit association “Black Sea Economic Zone Cluster” [2].


[1]  Territorial Strategy for Development of the Northeast Region (NID) Bulgaria, 2020-2027

[2] Stroitel newspaper: Spatial development of the regions until 2027 in 18 priorities (part II), TEODOR NIKOLOV

КЧИЗ (и експерти СНЦ Бъдеще за Варна) изискват законодателна промяна в провеждане на задължителна обществена дискусия и консултация преди всяка промяна на генералните планове на пристанища в България СПР-СТСБ-КНСБ /Пристанищен терминал Варна-Запад/ подкрепи петицията на СНЦКЧИЗ за окончателно завършване през 2020 година на Мастър плана за развитие на Пристанище Варна!

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